Legitimate Transaction

The legitimate transaction, will be paid 30% of your management fee. " If interested, will give details and instructions. Please keep this confidential, can't afford to have any political problems. Finally, note that it must be concluded within two weeks to write back promptly.

The employee official with the International bank of Taipei, Taiwan.  Was said  very sensitive and confidential brief from the International Bank of Taipei, Taiwan. Ask for partnership in re-profiling funds. That will give the details but in summary, the funds are coming via Bank of Taipei in Taiwan.

Lay Claims

First mentioned about late client whose relatives  cannot get in touch with. Compelled to do this because would not want the bank to push my clients funds into the bank treasury as unclaimed inheritance.

To solicit the assistance to be presented as the HEIR to Late Client since are a foreigner and only a foreigner can lay claims on this inheritance. The Governing Body of the Bank has contacted on this
matter and to provide the HEIR to lay claims to the Fund. Under a clear and legitimate agreement with shall seek for consent to be presented as the HEIR so that my late Client's fund will not be Confiscated by the Bank and pushed into the bank treasury as unclaimed bills.

For the sake of Transparency on this matter, are free to make immediate contact for further clarification and explanation on this matter need to reconfirm.