Economy Community of West Africa State

After several complain from foreign contact part of been scammed by Internet Fraud from West Africa. The President of the Economy Community of West Africa State (ECOWAS) in conjunction with The United Nation Anti-crime commission in a meeting with other West African's President Nigeria, Ghana, Togo and Republic of Benin in other to compensate two hundred (200) scammed victim around the globe with the sum of $4.8 Million USD each from ECOWAS reserve purse and from the Money recovered from these scam artists.

After Proper Internet Investigation (PII) is carried out through West African Countries, was found in one of the scam Artists file and in a computer hard disk in Nigeria. The above paper work is required from other to prove that are a victim of scam and if can't provide the above requested Paper Work, be informed for processing of the Paper Work as evidence.

therefore advice to stop any transaction and communication with any Office or Bank claiming they are with Fund also to forward any E-mail receive henceforth from any office for verification because of imposter and internet fraud and for security reason we present to CODE.

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